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John Salvatore, aka JAS Nature, is a Jersey grown songwriter with a passion for music much greater than most.  Since the age of 15, the guitar and a notebook have been as necessary as food and water.  With well over 400 songs in his catalog and countless songwriting collaborations, he bridges gaps between many genres.  "It's hard to say exactly where I fit - as in genres - I consider myself a folk/pop songwriter." 

At an early age, he traveled the country with only a guitar and played venues from Jersey to Cali.  Most of the time he slept on strangers' couches or on the bus while traveling to the next city.  In those travels, JAS found his voice and his style of writing although - over the past few years, it's been changing.

The beginning of the year started with a studio project, nothing new for him as he has worked in dozens of studios from producing, songwriting and artist development.  What makes this project different:  JAS is recording his own songs - for himself.  The album is due out soon and is highly anticipated by not only his fans, but the music community. 
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